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General connects individuals with jobs and entrepreneurship for FREE. also connects academic institutions, employers and students with    internship and volunteer placement opportunities that equally benefit each party. provides a platform for professional associations to connect    with its members and other similar bodies internationally while embracing technology to enhance their profession. aids companies in their recruitment process, helping employers seek acquire and manage talent more efficiently and quickly at no cost. Companies    advertise and use the database for FREE!

Job Seekers search jobs and upload their CVs so that companies can reach them- for FREE! helps international students find internship opportunities beyond formal careers. We also encourage global volunteer opportunities in Africa by matching  individuals with roles that match their preferences. While gaining valuable work experience, our volunteers also help African communities and build life-long memories  and learning skills.


You can post a job advertisement by logging in as an Employer. If you have not previously registered, you will need to fill out the form to register.  Only registered  employers can post a free job advert. Registering takes less than 3 minutes. After registering you can log and you get to your dashboard.  You click on the link  button,  "Post a Job". To complete your advertisement, you will need to fill out all the categories including a job description. When you are finished, click on the link  button, "Add Job".

To edit or delete a job advertisement, you enter your Dashboard and click on the link button, " Manage My Jobs". On this page, you can freely edit the details of a  job posting or delete a job that is no longer needed.

When you have logged in as Employer, you enter your Dashboard and click on the link button,  “Search CVs". On this page, you may customize the parameters of  the job to funnel your search results and retrieve the best possible candidates. When you have completed this process, click on the “Search” link button.

You can extend or terminate a job advertisement by first entering your Dashboard. On this page, you must click on the link button, "Manage My Jobs". On this page, you can freely edit or delete a job.

When you have logged in as Employer, enter your Dashboard and click on the link button, “My Candidates”. On this page, you will be able to view the applicants for  your posted job and begin your selection process.

When you have logged in as Employer, enter your Dashboard and click on the link button, “Search CVs”. To narrow your search, enter the parameters for the candidates you are seeking. When you have finished, click on the link button, “Search” to retrieve your new results.

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Job Seeker

You can post your CV only after you have registered with as a Job Seeker. There are several ways you can register.

You can click “Sign Up” and you click the “Job Seeker” option. You can also click “Upload CV” and click the “Register” Option.

After registering, you will have your own dashboard where you can upload your CV. You will do this by click on the link button- " Create CV".

On this page, you must fill in all areas and then attach your CV as one of the following file types: doc, docx, txt, or RTF.

When you have completed this step, you must also attach your CV.

You can update your personal details by first logging in as Job Seeker. When you are on your dashboard, click - "My Account Details" where you can update your profile and  account information. When you are finished, click on the link button, " Update Profile

You can edit or update your CV by first logging in as Job Seeker.  When you are on your dashboard, click on the link button, " Check My CV". On this page, you  may edit and revise your appropriate categories and upload the CV.

You may search all jobs either by clicking on “Jobs” or by first entering your Dashboard. You must then click on the link button, "Search All Jobs". In the job title area, you must select the "all jobs" category and click "Search".  

While we do not encourage anyone to delete an account, we have provided this option. To delete your account, you must enter your dashboard and click on the link  button, "Delete my account". Once you have deleted your account, all the benefits you have incurred through will be no longer accessible.

CV Doctor

We understand that having a professionally written and well-presented CV, in a clear format, gives you a significant advantage over other job applicants. This is so relevant in a competitive labour market like the one we operate in  - in Malawi.  

Our job is to help you to sell your talents, skills and expertise and get that dream job. Our services are not just limited to CV writing - we also write cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, personal statements and can also help fill in online application forms for jobs.

The CV Doctor is Malawi's leading online CV service, specialising in professional CV services. Our CVs are carefully crafted to bring forward the best in your career skills, abilities and expertise, and appeal to potential employers. We understand that the CV should not just be an uninspiring typed summary of an individual's basic information.

The CV Doctor has a team of Experts with a broad range of experience within recruitment and personnel management (human resources), enabling us to offer a service of the highest possible standard from experience.

We have since July 2014 being receiving requests for help on CVs and Cover Letters.  The objectives of the CV Doctor have remained:

  1. to help our clients prepare and write winning professional CVs that get them shortlisted for an interview; to excel at interviews, and to consequently attain the jobs they want - the jobs they deserve.
  2. to maintain the highest standards of service and to strive for total 100% client satisfaction. We are happy when you are happy!
  3. to listen to our clients everyday, to respond timely, always adapt to, and accommodate their changing needs.

Our aim is to optimise your CV for your job search. To ascertain your CV does justice to your expertise, slills, experience and achievements. Below are just some of the reasons why the CV Doctor may help you become a winner.

1. Review and feedback

2. Consultation

3. Writing for Impact

4. A unique CV for a unique career.

5. Follow up