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Call for Proposals

Development of Grants Management Information System for the Tilitonse Foundation


1. Background

Tilitonse Foundation is a registered company limited by guarantee which was established in 2016 as a grant making facility to support Malawian Non State Actors to engage in governance interventions.  Tilitonse Foundation has the following objectives:

  1. To build capacity in Non-State Actors so as to promote, strengthen, enhance and entrench good governance and build sustainability;
  2. To mobilize and provide funds to Non- State Actors for promotion and enhancement of good governance in Malawi;
  3. To provide a platform for Non-State Actors for improving inclusivity, transparency, accountability and responsiveness in governance in Malawi; and
  4. To promote and encourage Non-State Actors to engage in societal transformation through catalyzing more accountable, inclusive and responsive governance.


2. Purpose of the Assignment

The main purpose of this assignment is to design and develop a Grants Management Information System for the Tilitonse Foundation that will support the Foundation in the systematic coordination of the business processes of grants making.  It is also expected that the Grants Management Information System shall support the Grants Management role of the Foundation through the automation that the system will put in place and reduce/minimize administrative and manual workloads.  The system should support the Foundation Grants administration staff in providing quality grant making and management services to grant partners and maximize their efforts on the core aspects of grants performance and monitoring as opposed to spending time on paper management, manual verification and validation. Further to this, the assignment will focus on helping the Foundation maximize on the timely completion of the various steps of the grants life cycle processes.  This system will enable the Foundation to consolidate repository of grants data that will enable timely and effective information retrieval, analysis and reports. To reflect the above, the GMIS for the Foundation will contain module such as;

  • Operations, Programme and Project Management (Grants Making and Management) module
  • Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) module
  • Financial Management and Procurement Information System module
  • Capacity Development module
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (Results Framework) module
  • Knowledge Management and Communication module


3. Specific Objectives

  • Conceptualize and develop a Grants Management Information System that demonstrates detailed processes and stages of the Tilitonse Foundation grants management business process.
  • Establish the linkages of modules with the Grants Management Information Systems through automation that will empower users in data capture, interpretation and analysis for business processes decision making and management.
  • Facilitate the establishment of the systems that supports grants making and management to be handled electronically with minimal manual operations and paper work.


4. Key Deliverables

The key deliverables of the assignment shall be:

  1. An Inception Report that will outline the consultants understanding of the assignment, detailed methodology and approach for the assignment (including tools to be used), and a work plan.
  2. GMIS system developed and Functional to the needs of Tilitonse Foundation
  3. Test the systems functionality before the development of the final phase.
  4. 2 full days training to Tilitonse Foundation staff on the GMIS software and how it operates.
  5. A draft report which will include:
  • A background to the assignment
  • An overview of the grants making and management that has informed development of the GMIS
  • Tilitonse Foundation GMIS system set up
  • The six proposed modules of the GMIS
  • System use and maintenance
  • Plan for the training of the Foundation on the operations and use of the GMIS
  1. A final Report which will include the above areas


5. Scope of Work

The assessment will be done using a consultative process with the Tilitonse Foundation management team. Specifically, the consultant will work closely with Grants Manager, Chief Executive Officer and Fund and Finance Manager. The process will include but not limited to:

  1. Review of the available business processes in place for the Foundation and update them.
  2. Conceptualization of the Grants Management Information System with the following modules of (I)Operations, Programme and Project Management (Grants Making and Management, (II) Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), (III) Financial Management and Procurement Information System, (IIIV) Capacity Development (V) Monitoring and Evaluation (VI) Knowledge Management and Communication.
  3. Writing of the management information system that is modified with specific needs and requirement of Tilitonse Foundation
  4. Development of the Grants Management Information System on a Microsoft program that is compatible to Tilitonse Foundation IT system.
  5. Create the GMIS that interfaces with Microsoft Office packages
  6. Conceptualization and development of the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for the Tilitonse Foundation that is integrated to the Grants Management Information System, and capturing the critical EDMS component of Data Search, Metadata, Systems integration and work flow
  7. Develop a training program on the system to the users of the system.
  8. Provide a systems maintenance plan for both routine, operation and challenges based maintenance of the system.


6. Level of Effort and Duration

The assignment will require the Expert to work in close consultations with the Tilitonse Foundation management team, specifically the Grant Manager. The assignment will take 25 working days including writing of both inception report and final report and review of documents available, as follows.

  1. 1 day of briefing sessions with Tilitonse Foundation Team 
  2. 4 days for inception report development
  3. 1 day for presentation of inception report to the Tilitonse Foundation
  4. 13 days of review, consultations, analysis and the writing of the GMIS for the Foundation
  5. 2 days’ development of an easy to follow user guide for the Foundation
  6. 2 days of briefing and training staff on the operations of GMIS
  7. 2 days’ report writing
  8. ½ a day for presentation of report
  9. ½ a day for finalization of report


Submission of final report with detailed recommendation of:

  • The GMIS layout and the functions of every module
  • Operation procedures and access to the system
  • Maintenance plan of the system
  • Explanation of the interface with Microsoft office packages such us access, excel and publisher.
  • EDMS integrated and how it operates


7.  Facilities to be provided by the Client:

Tilitonse Foundation as the client, will facilitate access to all key relevant information, tools and documentation. Tilitonse Foundation will also work closely with the consultant in organizing meetings and interview necessary for carrying out this assignment.


8. Key competences, technical background, and experience required:

  • The consultant should have at least 10 years’ experience in carrying out a similar assignment.
  • Minimum qualification for the consultant should be a Master’s degree in a relevant field of Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Economics, development studies or a related field
  • Strong knowledge and understand of Grant Making and Management procedures
  • Demonstrated understanding on how Grants Management Information Systems operate like
  • Experience in conducting assessment of grant making systems


9. Mode of Application

Proposals are therefore sought from qualified consultants to carry out the assignment as stipulated in this set of terms of reference (TORs). The proposals which include Technical and Financial Proposals, 4 copies of each should be submitted in sealed envelopes to the following address by 14:00 hours on Friday, 22 June, 2018


The IPC Chairperson

Tilitonse Foundation

Area 47/5/128

P O Box 31815

Lilongwe 3.


Any further enquiries regarding this request should be addressed to:


The IPC Chairperson

Tilitonse Foundation

P O Box 31815

Lilongwe 3.







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Selena G.

12th of June, 2018 7:05:52 pm

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Employment Type: Consultancy

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Job deadline: 22nd June, 2018

Company: Tilitonse Foundation

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