Farm Manager

Elimosi Investments is a growing locally owned company located near Chimbwazi, Sub Traditional Authority Mphomwa in Kasungu. Its main businesses are in the areas of agriculture, residential buildings and transportation. There are six areas of focus: a) Seed Crops Production; b) Tobacco Production; c) Animal Production; d) Irrigated farming; e) Transportation; and f) Residential Buildings. The objective of the company is to increase profits while expanding its operations and attaining sustainable financial security. Currently, the company is looking for qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as follows:

Farm Manager

Purpose of the position

Responsible to the Operations Manager for the financial and physical performance of the farm. Therefore, the incumbent will be highly skilled in all aspects of farm business. In this role you will be responsible for implementing short and long term business plans. You will be expected to drive the business and work to ensure success. You will be required to optimize the farm performance, as a unit and as part of farm portfolio, in accordance with company objective and policy.


Farm Manager is required for daily planning, organization, supervision and administration of activities on farm. Specifically the duties include:


  1. Make policy decisions
  2. Forward planning - produce daily operational plans
  3. Develop standard tasks for operation for staff
  4. Direct and coordinate worker activities, such as construction and repair of residential houses for workers, sheds, tobacco barns; land preparation; tobacco nursery establishment and management; planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, payroll, and recordkeeping
  5. Sub-Contract with farmers or independent owners for raising of seed crops, etc.
  6. Analyze market conditions to determine acreage allocations
  7. Record information, such as production, farm management practices, and parent stock, and prepare financial and operational reports
  8. Inspect equipment and machinery to ensure proper functioning



  1. Develop annual business plan and fiscal budget
  2. Get budget approved for next year
  3. Compile professional reports: monthly financial-actual, year-to-date versus budgeted; and general reports
  4. Meet with Board of Directors to revise budget
  5. Monitor seasonal expenditure in line with budgeted cash flow
  6. Liaise with key professionals, agents and contractors to ensure smooth operations of the farm e.g. vet, fertilizer rep., stock agents etc.
  7. Ensure company products are presented for sale in line with company policies regarding quality, quantity and timeliness of delivery and are marketed in accordance with the company marketing policy
  8. Keeping an up-to-date knowledge of pests and diseases
  9. Advertising and marketing farm products
  10. Develop, review and manage repairs and maintenance schedule for all plant, machinery and infrastructure
  11. Ensuring that the farm is profitable and meets projected financial targets
  12. Ensure all relevant company policies are understood and adhered to



  1. Recruit and select staff
  2. Supervise day-to-day activity, organize rosters and schedule tasks/activities that need to be undertaken
  3. Provide training/coaching to staff to enable them to competently carry out tasks required of them on the farm
  4. Conduct an annual review of staff performance
  5. Handling paperwork, maintain employment records and administrative records
  6. Ensure that health and safety policies and procedures are understood and adhered to
  7. Review, implement and improve health and safety policies and procedures; and ensuring compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards
  8. Ensure new staff are inducted and aware of company policies and are given role clarity


Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • At least a diploma in either of the following fields: agribusiness, agriculture, management, horticulture with four years experience in similar working environment
  • Aged 30 and above
  • Knowledge in hybrid maize seed production, irrigated farming and tobacco production will be an added advantage
  • Have a proven ability in farm management field in keeping with the size and complexity of this position
  • Have the necessary planning and organizational skills to achieve targets and carry out company policies as applicable to this property
  • Have the ability to act with tact and diplomacy in motivating and disciplining  staff while complying  with the requirements of the employment
  • To be able to provide role clarity and ensure teamwork amongst staff
  • Be initiative, self-motivated and able to communicate effectively at all levels both within and outside the company
  • Be computer literate with Microsoft word and Excel


Method of application

Interested applicants should submit written applications to include a) cover letter with three traceable referees with telephone/cell phone numbers, b) curriculum vitae (CV), c) copies of certificates. All applications should be sent by email to:


with copies to:


or deliver by hand at the farm.

Closing date

Applications must be received by 11th December, 2017

Comment on advertised Job

Fatty R.

7th of December, 2017 7:12:07 am

Location: Kasungu

Employment Type: -

Salary: N/A

Job deadline: 11th December, 2017

Company: Elimosi Investments

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