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The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is a regional economic community founded and maintained by countries in Southern Africa. It aims to further the socio-economic, political and security cooperation among its Member States and foster regional integration in order to achieve peace, stability and wealth. SADC currently has fifteen Member States with a population of approximately 327 million people and a combined GDP of USD 600 billion (2016).

The Secretariat is currently recruiting for various positions to enhance its capacity to deliver on the above mandate. The Secretariat is therefore inviting suitably qualified and experienced citizens of SADC to apply for the following positions tenable at its Headquarters in Gaborone, Botswana or as stated in the job advert:


Position                                                                                                                          Job Grade

  1. Director Human Resources and Administration                                      2
  2. Senior Legal Counsel                                                                         4
  3. Head Civilian                                                                                    4
  4. Senior Officer -Disaster Risk Reduction                                                 4
  5. Senior Programme Officer Health and Nutrition                                      4
  6. Senior Officer Internal Audit                                                                4
  7. Senior Officer – ICT                                                                            4
  8. Senior Officer – Learning, Development and Performance Management     4         
  9. Senior Officer Administration                                                                4
  10. Senior Officer Police / SARPCCO                                                           4
  11. Senior Officer Research and Statistics                                                    4
  12. Senior Programme Officer Education and Skills Development                    4
  13. Senior Programme Officer Transport                                                      4
  14. Senior Programme Officer Water                                                           4
  15. Senior Programme Officer Food Security and Agriculture                           4
  16. Senior Programme Officer ICT                                                              4
  17. Senior Programme Officer Macroeconomic Convergence                           4
  18. Senior Programme Officer Science, Technology and Innovation                 4
  19. AUC Liaison Senior Officer                                                                    4
  20. Senior Programme Officer – Investment and Finance                               4
  21. Senior Officer Remuneration, Recruitment and Relations                                              
  22. Senior Programme Officer Trade                                                            4         
  23. Senior Programme Documentation and Information based in Zambia SADC Plant Genetic Resource Centre (SPGRC)                                                                     5
  24. Senior Programme Officer Ex-Situ Conservation based in Zambia SADC Plant Genetic Resource Centre (SPGRC)                                                                                   5
  25. Senior Programme Officer In-Situ Conservation based in Zambia SADC Plant Genetic Resource Centre (SPGRC)                                                                                   5
  26. Senior Translator                                                                                  5
  27. Reviser x2 (1 French & 1 Portuguese)                                                      5         
  28. Finance Officer Project Audits and Compliance                                          6
  29. Officer Research and Statistics                                                                6
  30. Programme Officer HIV and AIDS                                                            6
  31. Programme Officer Gender Mainstreaming                                               6
  32. Translator x2 (1 French & 1 Portuguese)                                                  6
  33. Internal Auditor                                                                                    6
  34. IT Support Officer                                                                                 6


Based in Zimbabwe Regional Peace Training Centre (RPTC)

  1. Liaison Officer Disaster Risk Reduction                                                     7
  2. Elections and Good Governance Officer                                                     7
  3. Mediation and Peacebuilding Officer                                                         7
  4. Officer - Logistics                                                                                   7
  5. Operation and Plan Officer                                                                      7
  6. Planning and Budget Support Officer x2                                                    7
  7. Programme Officer Multilateral Trade                                                        7
  8. Programme Officer SQAM                                                                        7
  9. Programme Officer Customs Capacity Building                                           7         
  10. Programme Officer Capital Markets                                                           7
  11. Programme Officer Financial Sector                                                           7         
  12. Programme Officer Investment                                                                 7
  13. Programme Officer Regional Trade                                                            7
  14. Public Security Officer                                                                               7
  15. Human Resources Officer                                                                         7
  16. Officer Resource Mobilisation x2                                                                7



The SADC Secretariat offers a competitive package for all the positions as outlined below.


Job Grade                Average Package per Annum:

  • Job Grade 2              US$ 90, 828
  • Job Grade 4              US$ 81, 650  
  • Job Grade 5              US$ 77, 090
  • Job Grade 6              US$ 72, 527
  • Job Grade 7              US$ 68, 726


Tenure of appointment

All appointments for the above positions will be on a fixed term contract for a period of four (4) years, renewable once for an equal period subject to satisfactory performance, age limit and the continued need for the position.



 All Member States are eligible to apply for all positions listed above, except for the Director position. Only five countries are eligible to apply for the Director Human Resources and Administration, namely, Botswana, DRC, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles. The table below outlines eligibility.


Positions at Director Level (Grade 2)

Positions Below Director Level


Not eligible - Already represented









Not eligible - Already represented






Not eligible - Already represented






Not eligible - Already represented



Not eligible - Already represented





South Africa

Not eligible - Already represented



Not eligible - Already represented



Not eligible - Already represented



Not eligible - Already represented



Not eligible - Already represented



Closing Date and Submission of Applications: Applications must be submitted to the SADC National Contact Point in the following eligible Member States not later than or on 30 May, 2018.


Applications should be accompanied by the following:

  • a cover letter stating the position that you want to be considered for and describe how your qualifications, experience and competencies are relevant to the position;
  • five (5) page updated curriculum vitae;
  • certified copies of your degree(s), Diploma(s) and Certificate(s); and
  • duly completed SADC Application Form.


Should you be shortlisted, you will be required to produce evidence of educational and professional qualifications supporting your application, on the day of your interview.

Gender Mainstreaming

SADC is an equal opportunity employer and particularly encourages applications from female candidates.

If you are results orientated, you have a passion for the transformation and development of Southern Africa, and possess the required competencies, please submit your application.

Only applicants who meet the requirements of the SADC Secretariat and being considered for interview, will be contacted. Should you not hear from the SADC Secretariat within two months after the closing date, kindly consider your application as unsuccessful.

For further details on the position that you want to apply for, job profiles and SADC Application Form, refer to the SADC Website:

Details can also be obtained from the National Contact Point in your respective country.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) is made up of Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

More details below:

English JOB ADVERT - May 2018.pdf


Application Form - SADC - Revised.PT.MM.doc

English Application Form - SADC .doc


Comment on advertised Job

Marina V.

14th of May, 2018 12:56:00 pm

Mike Mvula

16th of May, 2018 7:00:42 am

Dear Marina V. Thanks for the above posts. I am from Malawi and I am interested to apply one of the above posts. is it possible to apply through email and kindly provide the email address

Jones Kathumba Gondwe

18th of May, 2018 1:05:19 pm

I am Jones Kathumba Gondwe from Mzuzu,Malawi, my mail address is I am also interested to apply in of the above post.Would you please provide the address/Email where we can forward our applications.

Duncain J TAIPI

25th of May, 2018 8:00:22 am

Dear Mariana Thanks a lot for the ad. I am Duncain TAIPI from Malawi. I am very much interested in one of the advertised jobs can l be given email addresses through which l can apply2

Alic Kafasalire

28th of May, 2018 1:37:11 pm

Dear sir/madam, Would you help with the SADC contact details in Malawi to enable us send the application?

Tiki chikazinga

30th of May, 2018 11:04:27 am

Malawi SADC National Contact Point Dr. Isaac G. Munlo, SADC National Contact Point, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, P.O. Box 30315, LILONGWE, MALAWI Tel. No. +265 1 789088 (Switch Board) Tel. No. +265 1 788952 (Direct Line) Fax No. +265 1 788482/789112 Email: Mr. Richard Perekamoyo Alternate SADC National Contact Point, Director of International Cooperation, Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, P.O. Box 30315, Lilongwe Malawi. Tel. No. +265 1 789088 (Switch Board) Tel. No. +265 1 788701 (Direct Line) Fax No. +265 1 788482 Mobile No. +265 999 242 929 Email:

Location: International

Employment Type: Full-time

Salary: N/A

Job deadline: 30th May, 2018

Company: Southern African Development Community (SADC)

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