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“Deriving sport into career”


Rawo Football Academy (RFA) is a Social Enterprise sport organisation situated in Dowa-Malawi, whose mission is to enhance the lives of young people living in both rural and urban areas through sport and activities which are rooted in fun, Religion, education, and ethical principles.


RFA is also offering Spiritual Formation Programme where it reaches kids with the word of God to combine with football to help them become God fearing great footballers as they try to take football as a career.


Registration of student players

RFA is asking parents, guardians, and children preferably from Lilongwe and Dowa to register children of 8 to 16 years old who would like to be part of the professional football academy.


We offer the best and high standard coaching sessions combined with academic education coaching, and spiritual counseling to help children grow into well behaving individuals. The children will be using our equipment (which include balls, bibs, ground, cones, human personnel, administration costs, and many more) as such we will only ask you to pay us a contributory fee to our monthly costs.


Our training sessions are held twice a week, eight times a month; which is Wednesday and Friday from 2PM to 4PM.


Seeking partnership

RFA is also looking for companies, organisations, and individuals who would like to partner with us or advertise their products through our academy which some of the ways could be by printing their products and logo on our uniforms, share the information fliers to the community through our student players, display products when we have games and training sessions so that people who come to watch our games and trainings can view the products and services, or any other agreed ways for both of us to benefit.


The good thing with us is that we are internationally recognised meaning that once we post your products and services on our social media page, people in England, USA and beyond will be able to view them. Once you contact us, we will send you an offer letter of terms and conditions.



Well talented young players on offer.

The academy will be graduating its first group which has reached 18 years of age and by its policy, (those players who have reached that level are regarded as talent that should be exported to other sport organisations or go on scholarship) RFA is looking for such organisations who can offer an opportunity to some of these players.


Your participation will help to empower the children to grow to be successful citizens, leaders and parents in their community offering hope and opportunity for a better future for everyone.


For more information please contact:


The Director

Rawo Football Academy

P.O. Box 132




Preferably email to, or call and Whatsapp on +265995-92-11-94

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Biby D

8th of August, 2018 11:02:18 am

Location: Dowa

Employment Type: Contractual

Salary: N/A

Job deadline: 14th November, 2018

Company: Rawo Football Academy (RFA)

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