Training Workshop in Data Mapping Using QGIS

Training Objective:

To enhance professional map creation & Data mapping skills for effective and efficient research.


QGIS is popular Geographic Information System (GIS) software, used for making maps and analyze and edit spatial information. It is used by Statisticians, Scientists, Data Miners, Data managers, Social Scientists, Geologists etc. It is used in many NGO’s, Academics, and Research Institutions etc.

Beta Data Analytics has organized a Training Workshop which will equip you with advanced skills in professional map creation.

Target Participants

  • Researchers, Scientists, Statisticians, Data managers, Engineers etc.
  • Medical Researchers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers etc.
  • College students

Brief Overview of Training Content:

  1. Create professional maps to present data using QGIS Software
  2. Map creation and design principles, including thematic map display, employment of map projections, and cartographic design, using QGIS Software
  3. Fundamental concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  4. Basic functions of QGIS Software
  5. Fundamental remote sensing and spatial analysis techniques using QGIS Software
  6. Creation and acquisition of spatial data.
  7. Spatial Data Management in QGIS Software


Venue: Namiwawa Community Day Secondary School, along Sanjika road close to Namiwawa DSTV Offices, Blantyre

Date: 29th to 30th September, 2018 (from 8am to 3:30 pm)

Cost: MK 33 000


Payment caters for the following costs: Training materials, certificate and refreshments.


Registration: Those interested can register their interest before the training date Call or WhatsApp: 0884504557  Email:


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Lizzie T.

5th of September, 2018 4:23:21 pm

Location: Namiwawa, Blantyre

Employment Type: Training Programme

Salary: N/A

Job deadline: 29th September, 2018

Company: Beta Data Analytics

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