Gloria H.B. Zimba

Chibuku Products Limited (CPL) has been using myjobo.com since 2014. Ever since, it has been our priority medium for job adverts for CPL.  

As a business, we have found Myjobo.com to be a very ideal and effective medium for smart recruitment.  Myjobo.com has helped us reduce recruitment turnaround time and costs as is it faster and reaches out to the target audience even through social media links. We normally start receiving responses barely 10 minutes after posting an advert, which could not be the case with other avenues. Most importantly, we receive over 70% of the applications within the first week of flying the advert – which is so efficient and it makes the screening and interview process quicker. We cut down on the turnaround time significantly.

An important aspect is that Myjobo.com is able to reach out to job seekers who traditionally may not have access to newspapers because of their remote locations.  

Isabel Kumwembe

Myjobo.com is one of the first places we  think of advertising for our openings, as it is such a tremendous and quality platform for people seeking employment. Myjobo.com reduces significantly our recruitment turnaround time and having us bring in new recruits faster than before.  The ease of access and the simplicity of Myjobo.com's interface, makes posting job vacancies  so much easier.

The large following myjobo.com has including its social media links, enables us to reach people who would otherwise have missed out on many great employment opportunities. Myjobo.com bridges the gap between employer and job seekers in a unique way. It is an extremely innovative platform that must be commended for the work it is doing in the employment world in Malawi.

George A K Khaki

Myjobo.com has helped speed up our our recruitments. Through advertising with Myjobo.com, we have received an increased number of job applications, inquiries and responses from people than before. Myjobo.com has made it possible to reach people that would otherwise not be able to access job Ads through the traditional ways of job advertising - newspapers. 

On the other hand, Myjobo.com's approach has significantly reduced our advertising budgets as they are reasonable and provide value for money.