Harriet Kaime


We needed to recruit staff with speed and we wanted something that gave us control and flexibility at the same time. Myjobo.com has been the surprise perfect platform for us to carry out our recruitment in a faster and cost-effective manner.  We have been able to recruit the staff we wanted faster, easier and at a reduced cost. PSI is happy to be amongst the first partners to Myjobo.com's premium paying services. 



Jenina A. K. Chokotho


Myjobo.com has proved to be a valuable tool with assisting us in recruiting staff with ease and speed.  Myjobo.com has always provided us with excellent candidates in our recent recruitment campaigns. We got our preferred candidates much faster than planned and at a reasonable cost. 


Isabel Kumwembe


Myjobo.com helps us bring in new recruits faster than before.  The ease of access and the simplicity of Myjobo.com's interface, makes posting job vacancies so much easier.  The large following myjobo.com has, including its social media links, enables us to reach people who would otherwise have missed out on many great employment opportunities.  


Kimihiko Ogihara


Myjobo.com helped GYROS Corporation hire project staff for the "Capacity Development Project for Radar Air Navigation Services at Kamuzu International Airport Project" in Malawi.  The service was of high quality and we received quality applications ahead of schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend Myjobo.com to others


Daouda Yattassaye


We have used Myjobo.com for a while and have benefitted from their excellent customer service.  When we needed staff urgently in November 2017, Myjobo.com came to our rescue and we managed to get the staff we wanted within a week at a very reasonable cost. Myjobo.com will make a difference in improving cost effectiveness and efficiencies in recruitment in Malawi.


Debbie Colhoun


I have been impressed with the quality and efficient service rendered by the Myjobo.com Team for our urgent recruitment in Malawi. We managed to find the candidate we were looking for within a short period of time. I will use Myjobo.com for future recruitment.


Gabriel Masaiti


Having used Myjobo.com for our recruitment campaigns for a while, I consider the Myjobo.com team as part of my HR team.  Myjobo.com is an effective and efficient way to reduce our recruitment costs and acquire quality candidates with no headaches. The services such as CV screening for applicants, get you value for money.


Sorika Coetzee


Myjobo.com is a great recruitment source in Malawi. We used Myjobo.com for an important recruitment and it provided quality candidates and constantly provided us with new CVs on hourly basis. The team are always happy to help.


Asharn Kossam


The vacancies we post on Myjobo.com always receive a good response with quality applications. We have filled all positions we have advertised with Myjobo.com at a faster rate than ever. The Team do a fantastic job and are very helpful.


Dr. D Kaphweleza Banda


Thank you myjobo.com for the professional service rendered to us. We received a great response for the Receptionist position that we had asked you to advertise for us. The speed at which we received applications was astonishing. We received quality applicants and managed to interview the candidates quickly. We shall definitely use your services again!


Architect Maliam Mdoko


We had never used Myjobo.com before until when we had an urgent recruitment. I appreciate what a difference it makes in speeding up recruitment.  Myjobo.com delivered the best candidates within hours of posting an advert. We will definitely use it again.


Diane Amyot


We turned to Myjobo.com when we were looking for staff for a new project in Malawi. The Myjobo.com team were helpful throughout. Myjobo.com proved to be a valuable tool in finding us quality candidates. Good work team!


Gloria H.B. Zimba


Myjobo.com has helped us reduce recruitment turnaround time and costs as is it faster and reaches out to the target audience even through social media links. An important aspect is that Myjobo.com is able to reach out to job seekers who traditionally may not have access to newspapers because of their remote locations. As a business, we have found Myjobo.com to be a very ideal and effective medium for smart recruitment.