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We would like you to get involved in ensuring attain its goals. We are a social enterprise with big ideas but with limited resources. We are a start up and developing channels to sustain our efforts. At this stage, we need your support to set a foundation for a sustainable profitable future. Please support our efforts.

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We could not have been at this stage in our mission had it not been for the generous support from our sponsors. The work has just started and our needs are massive. We need further sponsorship to achieve our goals of providing free subsidised services to the over 130,000 monthly visitors. You can sponsor our website or a particular activity or particular features of our website. We will acknowledge your support by putting your logo and company details on our homepage slide.

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We welcome all sizes of contributions which help us in developing and maintaining such a huge project. We are calling for YOUR help! If you believe in the work that we are doing, you may wish to show your appreciation by donating any amount to our work (no amount is small).

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Together we can continue to making job opportunities accessible to everyone, support young people make appropriate career decisions and access appropriate support; and promote entrepreneurship. We hope for a future where unemployment will be negligible.