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Myjobo.com offers free job advertising. You can register as an Employer and start advertising jobs immediately.  There is no limit for the number of jobs you can advertise.  As a registered Employer, you are automatically included in our Online Directory making your brand visible to throusands out there. 

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We offer a wide range of premium recruitment solutions for employers and recruiters. Our Premium Services are of high quality and carried out by professionals. Details of our Premium Services are explained in detail below.


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Industry Leader

We are Malawi's largest online job-site. We have the largest online CV database in Malawi. We meet international standards for confidentiality and data integrity.

Value for Money

Our low fees save you money while assuring you of timely, professional, quality services. Our services are accurate and reliable carried out by domestic and international professionals.

Saves you Time

Our online system is accessible 24/7 and our team works long hours everyday. Our promise is that we will cut your recruitment time by at least 50%.

Excellent Customer Care

We provide unmatched customer care that even surprises us. Our team are passionate, professional and respond to your queries promptly.

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