About Us

Myjobo.com is Malawi's largest online recruitment platform and #1 job website.

Founded in Malawi in 2014 as a social mission enterprise, Myjobo.com is committed to the goal of maximizing the opportunities for Malawi’s job seekers, artisans, skilled trades, and employers.

We are proud of our humble trendsetting history. Against all odds, we pioneered and continue to lead the online job and recruitment sector in the country.  We, however, continue to be passionate, down-to earth, and grounded in reality, just as we were when we started - learning new things everyday.

Context matters, this is why our solutions are aligned to the nature of the labour market in Malawi. We are not afraid of trying out new things that address local problems nor are we scared of failing while in the process of experimenting. We actually become wiser because of our failures than our modest successes.

We take pride in hosting hundreds of jobs across all sectors for the nation's jobseekers, and supporting recruiters and employers to get the right candidates with our quality services.  

We have been doing this for more than 5 years, and have expanded from our foundations as just a mere "job board" to a national provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services that match the needs of the country.

We have attempted to answer many questions which are frequently asked on our FAQs page.  You may still want to know more about us. 

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You can also drop us an email on: info@myjobo.com