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Lighthouse is a registered public Trust that exists to contribute to Malawi`s national response to HIV as model in providing as continuum of high quality care and building capacity in the health sector. Lighthouse Trust works in close coordination with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to operate four large integrated HIV testing, treatment and care Centres of Excellence in Malawi: once of the campus of Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) and another at Bwaila Hospital (called Martin Preuss Centre) under the Lilongwe District Health Office; in Blantyre: Umodzi Family Centre (UFC); and in Zomba: Tisungane Clinic and district support programs in central (Ntchisi, Mchinji, Dedza and Ntcheu) and northern regions (Mzimba North, Mzimba South, Nkhatabay, Rumphi and Likoma.

The Lighthouse strategic approach focuses on client-centred care based on four goals that are:

Goal 1: Service delivery: to enhance high-quality, integrated HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services for adults and children.

Goal 2: Model interventions and operations research: to develop, pilot, evaluate and disseminate innovative programs and policies across the continuum of prevention, treatment, acre and support for HIV infection and its co-morbidities, both infectious and non-infectious.

Goal 3: Quality Management: to ensure that all patients at LH clinics and all supported sites are receiving quality health care and services as recommended the MOH and other health development partners by utilizing quality improvement (QI) methodologies in a multidisciplinary team approach.

Goal 4: Capacity strengthening: to build strengthen health care capacity for high quality HIV prevention, treatment, Care and support services. The Lighthouse receives support from multiple development partners in the implementation of its activities.

Lighthouse is implementing two projects with funding from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a Unities States of America Government agency under US Department for Health and Human Services.

Lighthouse seeks to engage the services of a reputable and technically qualified individual or firm with extensive expertise in accounting systems, financial reporting, procurement and capacity building and training. Lighthouse hereby solicits proposals from individuals or firms to submit technical and financial proposals for this assignment.


The following is the scope of work for the Fiscal Agent:

  • Procedures Manual – review the existing Financial and Administration, procurement, and human resource manuals developed by the Lighthouse to identify gaps and provide recommendations to ensure that the manuals are compliant with the best practices described in the CDC regulations;
  • Procurement of goods and services – conduct an assessment of the procurement processes and staff capacity to identify gaps and provide recommendations to address the gaps based on the international best practices and compliance with the Malawi procurement law. The finding will be the basis of the recommendations for review of the Lighthouse Internal Procurement Committee (IPC) and Procurement Personnel;
  • Budgeting/Forecast – conduct an assessment of the Lighthouse budgeting formulation, adjustments and reporting process to identify gaps and provide recommendations for the development of the Lighthouse budgeting guidelines in line with the international budgeting best practices to help the Lighthouse with the efficient formulation and tracking of budgets;
  • Accounting books and records – post review of both electronic and manual books of accounts and records to determine whether they are maintained in line with the best practices and their accuracy. The consultant will also check if:
  • The books of accounts are kept for all transactions and that these transitions are appropriately coded and recorded in the accounting systems;
  • The craft of accounts in adequate and mapped for CDC reporting purposes;
  • The Lighthouse operates a proper and secure system to monitor and control the filing and archiving of all supporting documentation for all transitions subject ton this work order.
  • Financial Reporting – review all financial reports and the processes of preparation of financial reports to ensure that they are aligned to the international best practices and they they provide accurate information for decision-making and stakeholder reporting;
  • Internal and External Audits of the Lighthouse – conduct the assessment of the functioning and capacity of the internal audit department to ensure that all internal audit processes and reporting are in line with international auditing best practices and provide training to address all identified gaps;
  • Taxes – review the current system of recording and reporting taxes, identify gaps and develop a system of tracking and reporting tax payable and receivable.
  • Verification of all expenditures using Grants Funds – conduct quarterly post review of the Lighthouse expenditures especially high-risk expenditures to ensure that all expenditure are eligible and allocable;
  • Develop a work plan to address any deficiencies in the areas of the areas of financial management, human resource and administration while incorporating recommendations from audits and CDC business review processes with specific focus on policies, systems, processes and staffing structure and timelines on implementation in the areas of financial management, procurement, human resources and administration;
  • Develop training and capacity development plan for staff in the areas of financial management, human resource and administration. At a minimum, the capacity building action plan should contain the following information;
  • Description of the capacity challenge, which is the issue arising from capacity needs assessment;
  • Identification of the capacity building objective
  • Risk or impact rating
  • Identification of the component that the issue related to (people, process or systems).
  • The functional area concerned (Institutional and oversight arrangements, Internal controls, Human Resources, Financial Management Information System – IFMIS, Planning/Budgeting/Funds Flow. Procurement and Contracts Management, Invoicing/Payments/Recording, Treasury Management, Asset and Inventory management, Documents and Records Management, Financial reporting and Audit).
  • Capacity building action/activities, which are the interventions that are to be implemented to address the capacity challenge
  • Timeline for implementing the activities
  • Responsible entity
  • Any resources (internal and external) needed to implement the capacity building activities.
  • Participate in Monthly review meetings to monitor progress between Lighthouse and CDC; and
  • Prepare a final status report of work plan implementation in final month of the contract.


The Consultancy is expected to take up a minimum of 1 year starting from the date of signature of the contract by both parties, subject to adjustnment as required and mutually agreed upon and the following will be the key deliverables;
  • Revised Finance and Administration manual and procurement policy;
  • Improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of general procurement of goods and services and elimination of procurement queries;
  • Budget forecast tools developed and improved budget management;
  • Improved in the quality and timely submission of financial reports;
  • Improvement in the quality of Internal Audit reports, reduction in internal and external audit queries and timely submission of internal and external audit reports;
  • Improved system of tracking taxes, timely submission of tax returns;
  • Reduced ineligible expenditures;
  • Capacity development plan; and
  • Development of HR recruitment plan and policies.


The successful fiscal agent is a qualified and accredited agency with certified financial and management standards and include:
  • Having a local office of their representative in Malawi
  • Local accounting or auditing firm
  • Financial and management organization with good understanding of the process of implementing development projects
  • Accountants/ Auditors experienced with ensuring compliance with donor funds. Experience with US Government grants, contracts and cooperative agreements would be an added advantage.


Written proposals should include the following:
  • Covering letter expressing an interest to carry out the assignment;
  • Company profile;
  • CVs of consultants that demonstrate excellent knowledge of financial management., procurement and human resources management.
  • Summary of relevant organizations and previous work done under similar assignments
  • Methodology to be used for consultancy
  • Reporting deadline
  • The Financial proposal containing breakdown of payments


Technical and financial proposal must be submitted together; In determining the final selection of the qualified bidder, both the technical quality of the proposal in line with the required qualifications as outlines in section 4.0 above and the financial proposal shall be allocated to an appropriate weightage.

Proposals should be submitted by 6th December, 2019 at 16.00 hours should be deposited in the tender box at Lighthouse labeled Fiscal Agent Consultancy and addressed to:

The Executive Director,
Lighthouse Trust,
P. O, Box 106,

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