About Us


We are helping Malawians find jobs easily, and helping Employers find Malawian talent faster and cheaply.


Myjobo.com is Malawi's largest site for job seekers and a leader in online technology led employment solutions for both the formal and informal sector.   Since 2014, Myjobo.com has been making it easier, faster, and cheaper for employers to find Malawian talent, and making it easier for job seekers to find employment. 

For Jobseekers

Myjobo.com provides unmatched online services for anyone looking for a job in Malawi. We advertise job vacancies provided by employers and recruiters.

As a registered user of Myjobo.com, you can receive email job alerts, apply for job vacancies, manage your applications, create your very own jobseeker profile and store your CV securely in our online database. You can also make it available to be searched for by Employers. You can also choose to have it vetted to make it faster for Employers to invite you to interviews. 

Myjobo.com provides learning resources and services from a range of learning providers and partners including schools, colleges and universities to help you advance in your career.

We also offer a range of career advice and tips that help you in your career progression and job search efforts. 

For Employers

Myjobo.com works with hundreds of organisations to execute their online recruitment needs in a faster, simpler and easier way. 

Employers can select from a range of services, including: job advertising, CV search, Vetted Staff, Psycho-analytics Assessments, reference checks, display advertising and email services.

For Artisans and Skilled Trades

Myjobo.com makes it easier for people to find Artisans and Skilled Trades who can provide required services. We make it easier and simpler for Artisans and Skilled Trades to be found by customers through online services.


Our Vision 

We envisage a Malawi where looking for talent and employment opportunities is seamless.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Malawians find meaningful employment, and Employers find the right talent. We would like to make hiring and getting hired easier, faster and cost-effective.

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